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My campaign will focus on 4 pillars that will strengthen the East District. Those pillars are the following: Education, Agriculture, Sustainability and Tax Feasibility.

methuen school logoI am a product of great Methuen education. I believe we need to work with our teachers to achieve higher echelons of success for our students. This can be done in part by listening to the Methuen Education Association and understanding their needs.

We are fortunate in Methuen to have great farms that are working to produce fresh quality produce to our families. We need to continue to support them and look for ways to encourage their success as our community continues to grow.

In order to be a sustainable community we need to invest in our residents. That means placing a keen focus on community health and safety. Community health goes beyond fitness and access to healthy foods. It means fighting for the vitality our working families, our tradesman and tradeswomen, teachers, police and fire professionals.

Tax Feasibility
As an economist, I know the value of sound research and budget evaluation. We all can see that Methuen is growing at an expedient rate. It is time we have more leadership that will look at the numbers and ensure that we are mindful of Methuen residents.


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